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Delta Tackles Thailand’s Pollution With Innovative Indoor Air Quality Solution

Bangkok, Thailand, February 15, 2019-Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. brings its indoor air quality solution to protect Bangkok residents from harmful particulate matter (PM) and improve life quality for everyone in Thailand. Delta leverages its PM2.5 filter fitted Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) or inline fan along with exhaust fans powered by leading DC motor technology to guarantee safe and pure air for family members in every room of the home.

This year’s unprecedented deterioration of Bangkok air quality has alarmed Thai society and attracted international concern. In fact, every year toxic pollutants and PM2.5 cause serious health issues for countless smog-stricken Thais. Delta is tackling this clear-and-visible threat to public health head-on with its indoor air quality solution that offers immediate protection and relief from the deadly pollution blanketing the city.

As a leading DC brushless fan producer, Delta designs and produces an extensive portfolio of building ventilation fans with best-in-class power, efficiency, durability, noise reduction and advanced functions for optimal performance. Delta’s indoor air quality solution features either Delta’s energy-efficient ERV or its all-in-one design inline fan for air supply. Both product types have a PM2.5 filter to circulate purified fresh air from outside throughout the home interior. Diffusers then deliver the safe filtered air to each room while DC motor exhaust fans take out the impure air to release outside the house.

Besides guaranteeing a healthier and invigorating living environment, Delta’s indoor air quality solution fans feature a silent operation design for peaceful relaxation. In addition, Delta’s ERV and DC motor technology offers maximum energy savings, protecting the environment and reducing maintenance and running cost for users. Family members can enjoy a safe, green and comfortable daily home life with pure airflow quietly delivered and managed by Delta’s solution.

As a green solutions provider, Delta drives innovation to enrich lives and deliver on its brand promise: Smarter. Greener. Together. Delta’s indoor air quality solution is part of its fan and ventilation solutions for a more livable, safe and green lifestyle in Thailand. 

15 Febuary 2019