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Delta Supplies Industry-Leading Ventilation Fans to Major Thai Property Developer

Bangkok, Thailand, August 6, 2018-Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. is the exclusive supplier of DC ventilation fans for a home ventilation solution recently launched by one of Thailand’s leading property developers.  Delta’s DC ventilation fans play a crucial role in the customer’s active controlled ventilation solution by efficiently and quietly circulating fresh air from outside to the interior of houses. Homeowners at the customer’s premier housing projects can enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor life with clean and cool airflow delivered by Delta’s ventilation fans.

With years of experience perfecting DC brushless motor technology, Delta enriches the lives of customers around the world with best-in-class power, efficiency, durability, noise reduction and advanced functions for optimal performance. The DELTA VFB17AXTH ceiling type DC ventilation fan with duct leverages its superior energy saving capability to enable the green and cost-effective operations of the customer’s entire home ventilation solution. As part of Delta’s range of brushless DC motor fans, this dual speed DC ventilation fan can outlast conventional AC fans while consuming less power. In addition, the low noise impeller and scroll design of Delta’s DC fans allow them to move large amounts of air at reduced RPM, creating quiet and relaxing indoor environments for users.

Delta drives innovation in sustainable green buildings as part of its mission to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. Delta’s fans and thermal management products are an integral part of its green building solutions which integrate energy management, automation controls and equipment to make environmentally friendly, secure and sustainable buildings.

08 August 2018