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Delta Gears up for a Greener Future with Innovative EV Solutions

As Delta Thailand celebrates its 30th anniversary, the company is bolstering its Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV charging infrastructure businesses to support the region’s shift to green transportation. 
Last month, Delta launched its complete range of EV charging solutions for the Indian market at the major electric industry exhibition Elecrama 2018. Mr. Dalip Sharma, Managing Director of Delta India, said, “Delta’s entire suite of solutions in EV charging will complement the Indian government’s e-mobility initiative providing a reliable technology and backing of the Delta brand.” Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solutions encompasses smooth integration of micro-grids with EV charging, providing a future-proof roadmap for a homogenized ecosystem of power prosumers in India. To meet growing demand, Delta will open a new Indian EV charging solutions manufacturing plant in 2019.

In Thailand, the government includes EVs as an industry of the future in its Thailand 4.0 Policy. Thailand’s government targets to have 1.2 million EVs and 690 EV charging stations in the country by 2036. The government’s plans to stimulate growth in the domestic EV market aligns well with Delta’s goals to produce the best EV power electronics, EV thermal management and EV charging solutions. Delta collaborates with the Thai Automotive Institute (TAI), the ultimate authority for EV standards in the nation, to help advance the EV industry and infrastructure in Thailand. Delta’s accomplishments include supplying charging solutions for the charging station at the Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA) Bangkok headquarters and donating EV chargers for the TAI Electric Vehicle Technology and Innovation Learning Center in Bangpoo. In addition, the leading Thai company PTT has visited Delta this month to explore collaboration opportunities for its large-scale EV charging station infrastructure project-PTT Green Roadmap.

With such exciting opportunities on Delta’s horizon, the company is boosting innovation in its EV related businesses. Delta leverages its international business footprint and synergies between its R&D teams and manufacturing centers worldwide in its relentless drive to develop EV products and solutions that enrich the lives of global customers.

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30 April 2018